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Our Team

Administration and Office Staff

Name Title
John Strembitsky Principal
Derek Harrison Assistant Principal
Sue Werner Assistant Principal
Sarah Stadnyk Head Administrative Assistant
Heather Semple Administrative Assistant
Amy Stone  Administrative Assistant
Whitney Visscher Administrative Assistant
Christa Parenteau Accounting
Heather Hansen Library
Mike Ma Technical Support


Name Subject
Cydney Cook Kindergarten (Cogito)
Kelley Palace Kindergarten (Cogito/Global)
Katrina Soprovich Kindergarten (Cogito)
Carolyn Leppington Kindergarten (Global) 
Azmina Dewji Grade 1 (Cogito)
Malina Ternovatsky Grade 1 (Cogito) 
Sarah Worthington
Grade 1 (Cogito) 
Lynna Machney Grade 1 (Global)
Kaylan Como Grade 2 (Cogito)
Haylee Frank Grade 2 (Cogito)
Amanda Magyar Grade 2 (Cogito)
Elyse LaRiviere Grade 2 (Global)
Kimberlee Williams
Grade 3 (Cogito)
Aimee Wolfram Grade 3 (Cogito)
Melissa Zawaduk
Grade 3 (Cogito)
Alisha Mullen Grade 2/3 (Global)
Jordyn Johnston Grade 4 (Cogito)
Dominique Pucci Grade 4 (Cogito)
Jessica Woloszyn
Grade 4 (Cogito)
Mitchel Vigneau Grade 4 (Global)
Leah Gibson Grade 5 (Cogito)
Daicea Hosack
Grade 5 (Cogito)
Tony Rafaat Grade 5 (Cogito)
Natalie Schneider Grade 5 (Cogito) 
Heather Japuncic Grade 5 (Global)
Christine Cookson Grade 6 (Cogito)
Sharen Deol
Grade 6 (Cogito)
Amanda Tychkowsky Grade 6 (Cogito)
Nikki Stoyko
Grade 6 (Global)

Cameron Fischer
Junior High 
Marni Fischer Junior High 
Danielle Hagg
Junior High
Cam Harding Junior High 
Darren Mein  Junior High
Darren Moric
Junior High 
Craig Orfino Junior High 
Wyatt Paziuk Junior High
Alisha Plummer Junior High 
Lee Zalasky Junior High

Subject Specialists

Name Subject
Jon Buryn Music
Courtney Drake Physical Education 
Sheldon Celinskis Physical Education
Becky Knickerbocker Literacy
Tessa Wright Literacy
Amy Cherewyk Art, French
Ashley O'Neill    Art, French
Tanya Reidy  French 
Emily Groenenboom Counselling
Lauryn Hunter Counselling

Support Staff

Name Title
Huda Al-Mallah
Educational Assistant
Gail Daley Educational Assistant
Jill Deacon Educational Assistant
Danielle Evanson Educational Assistant
Sherril Ginther Educational Assistant
Keyanna Himer-Lewis Educational Assistant
Melissa Hydrochuk Educational Assistant
Sheri Legace
Educational Assistant
Autumn Maronuik  Educational Assistant
Yen Schmidt  Educational Assistant
Patricia Wolff  Educational Assistant
Laurie Wright Educational Assistant
Jovelito Colasito 
Head Custodian 
Marvin Cortez Custodian
Michael Eisma  Custodian
Kent Hygard Custodian
Jean-Luc Lavoie Custodian


Elmer S. Gish School