Our mission is that our students would be sustained by Christ’s teachings and God’s love. We desire that our students are taught in a spiritually nurturing, intellectually challenging and disciplined environment in order to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and training necessary to seek after “whatsoever is true.” Our students develop lasting commitments to their families, neighbors, country and global community while leading moral, healthy and productive lives.

  • Logos, a program of choice, is based on instruction within a Christian environment grounded on Biblical principles. We strive to support Biblical values and provide opportunities for active community service, in the context of an exceptional educational environment. To this end, a teacher in this program will be expected to bring a Christian viewpoint to issues and topics in all curricular areas.
  • We sustain a Christian environment through daily activities including prayer, music, scripture study, Bible memory work and assemblies as a Christian community. The faith-based activities will be of a nondenominational character and will be spiritually sustaining and nurturing.
  • We follow the Alberta Program of Studies and offer learning experiences that meet measurable outcomes at each grade level.
  • Families are encouraged to support the goals, mission, methods and practices of the Logos program, as well as show their support in helping students maintain effective work habits, do their homework, and consistently show appropriate behaviour.
  • Parents are expected to provide encouragement to their children in focusing on learning and in working cooperatively with the teachers.
  • Logos classrooms and other program (i.e. French immersion, I.B., Cogito) classrooms may be mixed throughout the school to meet physical demands of space. Logos program students are encouraged to be involved in school sports, music and special interest clubs. Logos students have recess and lunch at the same time as other students and mix naturally on the playground. Depending on the number of students at the school (Logos and other), some of the option subjects may be taken together. The core subjects are usually taken in separate Logos classes.
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