At Elmer S. Gish we are proud to be committed to providing the largest Core French program in our district. Our program is one that provides students with authentic, explorative and interactive experiences. Students receive French instruction three blocks a week starting in grade one for our Cogito students and in grade four for the Logos and Global programs. As our program continues to thrive and grow with our rich and diverse school we remain rooted in our values to develop students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes which provides them with the ability to communicate in French in guided situations. At Elmer S. Gish we base our approach on a multidimensional learning environment centered around communication and language development, cultural appreciation and experiences as well as expanding language learning strategies.


Here are a few useful web links to use at home:


Kids Love 2


All the sites listed in Kids Love are interactive or multimedia sites, selected by teachers and a digital librarian, related to topics in our Alberta curriculum. New sites are added all the time, newest at the top of the list!

Languages Online French Topics


This website includes interactive tasks for a variety of topics. It also includes worksheets that may be printed off for extra practice.


Chez Mimi Games


This website includes interactive games, lessons and songs. It also includes verbs to learn and

cultural information.


Primary Languages French


This website covers a variety of French Topics. It includes vocabulary, videos and songs. There are also sound buttons so you can hear how the French vocabulary words should be pronounced.

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